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The Stuff of Legends

Legend has it that Pulau Tioman is the resting place of a lovelorn dragon princess from China, who took to the sky to be with her dragon prince in Singapore.

Eternal Love

Soaring over the South China Sea, our dragon princess is enticed by Pulau Tioman's magnificent beauty clearly visible below, through the thin veil of clouds, and decides to rest on this verdant jewel in a crystal-clear sea.

Once her dragon prince hears of his beautiful suitor's arrival in Tioman, he too, takes wing and joins his beloved princess.

Reunited, the smitten winged twosome became one in the shape of the island, pledging to offer shelter and comfort to all passing travelers evermore.

Love is... honeymooning on Tioman
A little slice of honeymoon paradise

Keen to swoop into Tioman's ultimate honeymoon retreat with your prince or princess? Read on...

A perfect ending to a perfect day