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Why do we have a honeymoon?

As the big day approaches, some couples may start to wonder about whether a honeymoon is really something they're up for. Some may ask themselves whether they have the spare time, or perhaps the money to go on a honeymoon. Can we afford to take time off work? Do we have the means to go on a honeymoon, so soon after the wedding? After all, let's face it, a wedding can take quite a chunk out of anyone's cash reserves.

And let's not forget the planning aspect of the honeymoon either. Obviously, a honeymoon is once-in-a-lifetime, so when you are going to go for your honeymoon, ideally, it needs to be planned to perfection. But the planning of the honeymoon may clash with the planning of the wedding. Perhaps it's better to delay the honeymoon until the dust has settled a little?

Whilst each couple is different and there are no rules governing the why's and wherefores of a honeymoon, there are a few compelling reasons why a honeymoon is something you shouldn't miss out on and why it should be scheduled as close to your wedding as is feasible.

Blissful cocoon
Obviously, a honeymoon is a great time spend together as a newly-minted couple and to cast off the stresses of everyday life and, indeed, of the wedding event. In fact, in most cases, you probably ended up spending more time with your wedding guests, family and friends, than with your new spouse at your wedding.

So what better way to create some quality time together than a relaxing and intimate honeymoon? It's fair to say that a honeymoon is the one perfect opportunity to spend a few idyllic days cocooning with your loved one.

Celebrate the good times!

Yes, you tied the knot. Congratulations! Now, just give yourselves a couple of days to dial down the pace, so you can let it all sink in at your leisure and, equally importantly, celebrate the fact that you're now officially a real McCoy matrimonial couple.

Activities galore
Whilst a honeymoon is a great time for lazing around together, enjoying each other's sweet-nothings, going for aimless strolls on the beach and candlelight dinners, it can also be an opportune time for some action-packed activities in the form of scuba-diving, snorkeling, jungle-trekking or mountain-hiking. There should be plenty of time to engage in both lounging in paradise and fun-filled excitement.

The unbeaten track
Honeymooners tend to go places that are a little more exotic than your average holiday. It's part and parcel of the whole objective of spending a wonderfully romantic time together. Honeymooners go out to explore the world together, new locations, new foods, new cultures. And this journey of discovery is one of the various aspects of a honeymoon that makes it so much fun.

Tomorrow together
Going on a honeymoon gives a newly-wed couple some undisturbed and uninterrupted together-time to contemplate their future as a couple and as a family. What kind of family-planning do you have in mind? Do you have any idea of where you want to be 5, 10 or 20 years down the road? Naturally, this facet of life will come up later on, but a honeymoon is a great time for envisaging the future of your family together.

For now, happy honeymooning!

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