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Honeymoon castaways

Tioman Island, once a lonely sunny island, set in the South China Sea, has over the years grown to become one of the world's finest and most popular paradise leisure destinations.

With great accessibility, a well developed network of water taxis and road taxis, as well as untold natural riches, both below the sea surface and above it, along with a thriving jungle ecosystem, Tioman has so much to offer travelers with a yearning for exotic tranquillity.

Land of Adventure

But it's Tioman's breathtaking landscapes, supreme beaches and its gin-clear aquamarine coastal seas that, by far, draw in most of the island's visitors. Blessed with world-class coral gardens and a veritable abundance of marine wildlife, the sea around Tioman has earned itself a certain amount of fame amongst the scuba communities, both from around the region and from further afield.

But even for non-divers, Tioman has plenty to offer. Apart from snorkeling, how about a jungle trek along waterfalls and a plethora of fauna and flora.

Let your certified guide show you the placid chameleons, the cheeky monkeys, the intimidating yet shy monitor lizards. They are all there. Best yet, if you're lucky, you may even witness Rafflesia blooming, at perhaps one meter across, the world's largest flower.

Or go rock-climbing amidst Tioman's awe-inspiring geological formations, its rugged boulders and its ancient monoliths. Selfie anyone?

Also on offer: kayaking, stand up paddling, windsurfing, along with angling, sea-walking and glass-bottom boating.

Last but by no means least, is there any island more suitable than Tioman for a get-away trip filled with old-fashioned ever so enjoyable lounging? Hint: probably not :)

Home away from home

Accommodation types in Tioman range from backpackers' haunts to exclusive boutique resorts with a handful of well-deserved stars. Take your pick.

Back to accessibility. Just how accessible is Tioman Island? It's located about 50 kilometers offshore after all. How do travelers get there? Well, pretty easily as it happens.

Mersing Ferry

Mersing is the feeder town that offers a well-run ferry operation between the mainland and Tioman. The vessel plies the sea pretty much daily, except when the tide is too low.

Travel well, travel smart, book now

And speaking of tide, this is something to take note of. Why? Because for all the great ferry service rendered by the ferry operator, its vessel is only able to sail around the high tide mark. The reason is Mersing's shallow river mouth. Smaller boats have no problem to traverse the shallows, but safety regulations prevent smaller boats from going go to Tioman.

Bottom line: the ferry is subject to the tidal range in Mersing. In other words, best book your ferry tickets to Tioman, ensuring you're not stranded in Mersing after the last ferry has left for the day.

Pro Tip: Not sure which jetty to disembark? Don't worry, you can select any of the jetties listed in the booking form, because the ferry always stops at each and every one.

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Better yet, given the very special occasion, best book your ferry tickets with above reservation form.

Finally, how to get to Mersing, i.e. the location of the ferry terminal? You can go by coach or taxi. Plenty of choice; most of Malaysia's towns offer a good bus route to Mersing. And Singapore too, has a very decent bus connection.

Happy honeymoon!

One of Tioman's stunning beachfront resorts
Ferry to Tioman making good time

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