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Train Tickets

If you're not sure if you should travel by train in Malaysia, then it's good to know that the Malaysian national train system, called KTMB, is efficient but cheap. You'll get from A to B in comfort, given that as good as all train carriages offer aircon interiors and comfy Pullman-seating.

Better yet, there's ton and tons of sights to see out of your window, because Malaysia has so much to offer in terms of landscapes, coastal areas, verdant jungle, undulating terrains, as well as a metropolitan sky-line when you enter Kuala Lumpur, to insiders a.k.a. KL.

Best of all, tickets can be booked online. It's a breeze. Have a look at the timings in the form below and go ahead with your booking if the schedule is to your liking.

Peak season is !

You can use this reservation form for all the available train routes, not just in Malaysia, but in Thailand and in Singapore too.