Time Mersing Harbour Centre:

Mersing Harbour Centre

With the recent completion and official opening of Mersing Harbour Centre by the Sultan of Johor, Mersing has not just unshackled itself from its somewhat stodgy present but it has quite whole-heartedy propelled itself into the future.

Mersing Harbour Centre had been a long time coming, to be sure, but now the future for Mersing, like its as good as year-round sunny weather, looks ever so bright.

Not only is Mersing, along with its myriad paradise islands and its fascinating rainforest-laden hinterland, a fast-growing force to be reckoned with in the international tourism scene, but with Malaysia's continuously expanding middle-class and the region's ever-improving infrastructure, most industry experts foresee explosive tourism growth for this neck of the woods.

Mersing Harbour Centre is poised to be the area's travel/booking central nervous centre.

But apart from just featuring ticket booking and collection counters for bus and ferry to Tioman in particular, Mersing Harbour Centre also offers reservation services for accommodation, such as hotels and resorts, both in Mersing and the area around it, as well as for the various castaway islands so popular amongst overseas tourists.

In addition, Mersing Harbour Centre offers booking facilities for those intrepid travelers keen to explore the ancient Taman Negara jungle, by some reckoning the world's oldest rainforest, that are just a short drive away from Mersing.

Other popular activities, such as deep-sea fishing, including angler's favorite quarry, the sailfish, can also be booked at Mersing Harbour Centre.

So yes, Mersing Harbour Centre is more than just reservation counters. In fact, the complex has its own dedicated food and beverage section, as well as a comprehensive collection of retail outlets, providing anything and everything, from Tioman-themed souvenirs and local snacks to more mundane items such as sun lotion and mosquito spray.

Need to do a few quick errands just before taking your ferry to Tioman? Mersing Harbour Centre is bound to fulfil your every need.

In addition Mersing Harbour Centre features a prayer area, a children's playground, contemporary washroom facilities, including shower cubicles. And there's adequate parking for Mersing Harbour Centre visitors too.