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Pulau Bawah

How can a tropical island paradise this breathtakingly beautiful go unnoticed for so long? Evidently, it can. Pulau Bawah, like some mysterious storybook land, has somehow evaded discovery for centuries.

Until now.

If you too have never heard of Pulau Bawah, worry not, you're by no means the only one. Pulau Bawah is a secluded little cluster of simply stunning islets that are nothing short of a gift of nature. The islets surround a lagoon filled with turquoise water so clear, it's like liquid glass.

Pulau Bawah's exquisitely white beaches and dazzling coral gardens are two of its other world-class charms that instantly pique travelers' interest once they encounter Pulau Bawah in a serendipitously picked up magazine or hear others wax lyrically of its idyllic allure.

Sight for sore eyes

Where is Pulau Bawah? Astoundingly, it's a mere 150 miles northeast of Singapore, almost as if carefully placed to be as out of reach from all corners of the compass as geographically possible. There are no planes that go to Pulau Bawah as yet.

It seems that the very edge of the earth can only be reached by sea. By dedicated vessel in fact, first from Pulau Bintan and then from the nearest point of land from Pulau Bawah, an island called Jemaja. A journey that takes the better part of 10 hours.

It's this relative inaccessibility that guarantees visitors the ultimate bliss that reigns supreme in Pulau Bawah. If you really want to get away from the city, really need the ultimate R&R getaway, then Pulau Bawah will see you right.

To be sure, it's not so easy to get to Pulau Bawah. But once its sun-kissed palm-fringed shores come into view, you'll know that Pulau Bawah's bounty was worth every minute it took to reach.

Make a impression that will last a lifetime. Take your spouse-to-be to Pulau Bawah. But be quick, because now that the secret is out, Pulau Bawah won't stay unnoticed much longer.

For now, happy honeymooning!

Pulau Bawah room interior
Romantic beach stroll

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