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Naturally, the concept of the ideal or ultimate beach is different for each traveller. It may be you prefer your beach busy with swimmers, beach-volleyballers and sun-worshippers. Most parents with young kids, on the other hand, prefer beaches with a gradual slope to the sea, lots of shallow water, small waves and no currents. Others prefer high swell and big waves so they can surf or skim-board to their heart's content. And honeymooners have other wishes altogether.

In this article, we're ranking 5 ultimate beach in terms of their uniqueness, their spectacular remoteness and their breathtaking Robinson Crusoe blissfulness. This qualifies a beach to be the ultimate beach. Travelers with a sense of wanderlust especially, who are on the look-out for off-the-beaten-track lands not yet discovered by tourism, should absolutely visit these beaches below.

If you're the type of traveler that likes to boldly go where no man has gone before, then whip out your GPS and your Google Maps, because it's time to explore and discover. Should your new spouse be the adventurous type, then of course you won't need us to tell you that a trip to any one of the above beaches will have him or her in seventh heaven.

Here are Asia's 5 Ultimate Beaches that have to be seen to be believed.

5. Penjalin Beach

Nirvana-like views, verdant jungle-covered hillsides, a timeless beach, the purest of sea water, peppered with coral gardens and a secluded tranquillity that is nothing short of an oasis. This is Penjalin Beach, a crescent-shaped absolutely enchanting stretch of beach that you only come across on glossy travel brochure covers. Except, like Pulau Bawah, the island of Penjalin lies in Anambas, a still rather unknown edge-of-the-world past-meets-present territory that belongs to Indonesia but is located east of Peninsular Malaysia. This hidden-paradise archipelago has all the hallmarks of one day being transformed into a world class leisure destination the likes of Maldives. So get your ticket to Penjalin now, before it loses its secluded mystical charm.

4. Secret Lagoon Beach

Well, the secret may be out, Secret Lagoon Beach is no longer a secret, but this doesn't reduce its stunning beauty any less. Secret Lagoon Beach is found in the Philippines and may very well be the most eye-pleasing lagoon-endowed beach ever. The secret lagoon derives its name from the fact that it's actually hidden from view, surrounded by sheer cliffs as it is. What's more, you really need to know where to go, because Secret Lagoon Beach's lagoons are only accessible through a few tiny gaps within the walls of the cliffs. That said, once you've made it in, you'll be blown away by the unbelievable pristine feel of the environment, the white powder-sugar sand and the gin-clear lagoon water. If ever a place should be labeled Paradise, Secret Lagoon Beach surely is it. Selfie anyone?

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3. Pulau Bawah

Pulau Bawah is one of those places that as its luscious exotic backdrop looms into view off your vessel's bow, it looks as if you've stepped back 500 years. Still almost completely untouched, with a little cluster of tiny idyllic islets that collectively surround no fewer than three liquid-glass azure-colored lagoons, when you land here, you know you're in a special place. Pulau Bawah truly is paradise found, a veritable gift from nature that simply must be on your bucket list. Best of all, Pulau Bawah is just 150 miles away from Singapore, an overnight's boat ride.

More details about Pulau Bawah can be found by clicking here.

2. Juara Beach

Juara Beach is the only beach on the east coast of gorgeous Tioman Island. And as if that pedigree isn't enough, Juara Beach has also featured on CNN's Top World's Most Beautiful Beaches list. Still relatively undeveloped, Juara is dotted with a few cottages here and there, a very long stretch of spotless sand and gently lapping sea water that isn't only crystal-clear and bright turquoise, but it's sheltered by both ends of the Juara bay as well. Motorized sea activities are outlawed in Juara in order to preserve its sublime serenity. By the way, if you're into surfing, then mark this beach into your map, because during the November/December to February/March months, Juara offers very surfable waves of up to 3 meters and more.

Ferry tickets to Juara can be booked here.

1. Tioman's Gold Coast

Tioman Island's Gold Coast has so been named for the golden-colored sandy beaches that line this relatively untouched stretch of rugged beauty. Tioman's Gold Coast stretches from Japamala Resort to Kampong Mukut, along the southwest edge of Tioman, and includes Tunamaya and Bagus Place. The most idyllic beaches along this gorgeous section of Tioman are yours to savor when you stay at one of the resorts that have made the Gold Coast their home. These resorts, by the way, are some of Tioman's finest and together with the unrivaled vistas make Tioman's Gold Coast a true paradise sanctuary. With a pristine tropical jungle to explore, waterfalls to bathe in and wildlife trails to hike, Tioman's Gold Coast makes an ideal place to stretch your newly-married legs; for some unique R&R, stroll along miles of breathtaking shoreline and immerse yourself in all the perks that come with a luxurious resort stay.

Ferry tickets to Tioman's Gold Coast can be booked here.

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